Block Party Grants are now available for 2013!  In 2012 your board of directors approved offering block party grants to the neighborhood association as a way to build community within Pinehurst.  For the past 2 years the residents North of 99th St have organized a block party and it has been a huge success.  It started out with 4 families initially funding the event to get it started, which paid for all the hot dogs and hamburgers.  They invited all the homes within Pinehurst North of 99th St. to come.  The Organizers asked families to bring a side dish to pass & donate to the cause if they wanted to.  It now has grown into an annual event with a kids parade, jump houses for the kids (and adults too), games, live band and some great conversation.

Why:  In 2010 this group of families received a block party grant from the City of Overland Park and this was the catalyst that started this event.  Unfortunately those City-wide grants are no longer available. Since the City of Overland Park is no longer offering them, we as a board wanted to do something about it.  In addition, the annual picnic has been a growing success but we wanted to do more.  Hence, we are now offering Pinehurst Block Party Grants for 2013.

How: Apply for the grant by filling out and submitting the form below.

  1. The minimum # of homes needed to participate in order to receive grant is 20 homes &/or 30 people
    • If you live on a street with 20 homes or so, we suggest inviting neighbors on either side of your block
  2. Deadline to submit your request is May 31, 2013
  3. You will be notified by June 15, 2013 if your grant has been accepted
  4. Grant is for food and entertainment only (not for liquor)
  5. Grant money will be provided as reimbursement after your event based on submitted receipt
  6. The grant amount will be dependent on the size of your event 

Block Party Tips:
  1. Don't do it all yourself, get a group of families together to share all the work
  2. Print fliers and distribute at least 1 month in advance
    • Think about collecting email addresses when you walk door to door and at the event to save time next year
  3. Apply with City of Overland Park to block off your street.  (This is mandatory for the safety of all and to notify police/fire department of such closure)
    • The City of Overland Park also has blockades you can borrow which you need to sign up for
    • Invite local Police/Fire station to join you.  BTW, the Fire department always wins in popularity so scheduling these groups at different times can be a good thing
  4. Ask neighbors to bring chairs and try to round up plenty of tables
  5. Hillcrest Covenant Church  ( has a fantastic block party kit available to anyone one who attends their church
  6. Tap into the resources of your neighbors- Grills or smokers, tables, musicians for a band, jump houses

Block Party Grant Form:

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